While the Internet has been very good so far at helping people do things together, it is still very difficult for groups to collect money and use it transparently. As a result, we see initiatives, projects, movements popping up here and there that disappear quickly from lack of funding. Imagine how many wonderful things don’t happen in the world because funding - which is oxygen for most organizations - is difficult to sustain. Without an easy way to raise and spend money, it’s hard to manage and grow many of these seeds of an idea that could change the world.

Non-profits, community projects, parent associations, hackathons, meetups, neighborhood associations, pet projects, clubs, unions, movements, business incubators - in order to operate, all of them are forced to use a physical glass jar, ask a sponsor to directly pay their expenses or front the huge overhead of setting up and managing a corporation or a non-profit. It’s either inefficient and opaque or it’s overkill.

Donate PR enables groups to quickly set up a project, raise funds and manage them transparently.

We want all those seeds to have a chance to grow, to bring their ideas to life. We believe everyone should have the tools to create the organizations of tomorrow. And we are dedicating ourselves to making that happen!

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What is Donate PR?

Donate PR is a platform where communities can collect and disburse money transparently, to sustain and grow their projects.

Why Donate PR?

Internet has been really good at helping people do great things together. But things still get complicated once money is involved. These challenges hold communities back from getting all the support they need from backers and sponsors to achieve their mission.

We enable communities to have economic power, so they can sustain themselves and have a larger impact in the world.

How does it work?

Our platform provides tools for legal entities to fiscally sponsor Projects under their umbrella, empowering people to create associations without friction. It's like an API between the legacy world of banks and taxes and the emerging future of digitally powered distributed collaborations.

The goal of Donate PR is to be the community hub for innovating all things Puerto Rico.

Why not use the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

We're excited about about the new possibilities these technologies are creating, and we'd love to explore how they could help us achieve our goals. But just like we won't wait for self-driving cars to b ubiquitous before calling a Lyft, we're very practical about using existing services to solve problems right now. We can already get pretty far using well-established technologies already integrated with the systems we need to work with.

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