Create a Fiscal Host

Starting from scratch

Go to

Follow the steps to sign in to or create an Donate PR account This is the account for the individual who is the host admin. Normally it's associated with a human name. It will manage your host, which normally has an organization name.

Create a Project This can be the Project for your host's budget (to receive host fees if you charge them and be transparent), or for the main project you will be hosting.

Select "use your own host"

  • Type of host entity: Select individual if you will be using your personal accounts, or select organization if you'll be representing a company or incorporated entity.

  • Select an organization: Choose "create organization" and enter the details.

Connect your Stripe account Click the "connect Stripe" button. Create a Stripe account, or log into your existing account by clicking "sign in" in the upper right corner.

Your host will now be active.

If you already have a Project

Go to your Project's page, click on the gear next to your logo, head to the Fiscal Host and select Use your own host. Follow the steps from there to create your host and connect your Stripe account.

If you already have an Organization

Follow the same steps as above, except instead of selecting "create organization", select the existing Organization you'd like to use from the drop down menu.

Next: customize your Fiscal Host and set the Fiscal Host fee.

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