Bulk Transfers

Bulk transfer means sending funds via one financial transfer, which you can then give to one or multiple Projects.

Once the Fiscal Host confirms the funds have been received, they allocate that amount to your Organization, which you (and your team) can then distribute to Projects as you wish.

Different fiscal hosts may have different processes for bulk transfers. Before sending, please confirm their policies and payment details, and let the fiscal host know to expect the funds.

Bulk transfer process

  1. Set up an Organization

  2. Request an invoice from the Fiscal Host if needed

  3. Confirm the Fiscal Host's payment details

  4. Send the funds via bank transfer or other agreed method

  5. Fiscal Host confirms receipt

  6. Fiscal Host allocates the funds to your Organization's balance

  7. Go to the Project you want to support

  8. Select the contribution amount you want to give

  9. Select your Organization as the source of funds

  10. Done!

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