Community Guidelines

Inclusiveness: We value, encourage all types of contributions. We don’t assume you can contribute for free, we respect and thank.

Be honest. Be honest about who you are, what your project is doing, why you are fundraising and what you want to do with those funds. Dishonesty is not only damaging to you but to all other projects. Don’t be the one bringing mistrust into this community.

The project first. Projects are groups of people with a shared mission. People may come and go, but the mission remains. A successful project is a project that survives its initial founders.

Be inclusive. The reason why we can do great things together, is because each of us bring a different perspective. Whoever you are, you have a unique perspective and unique skills that you can contribute to a project.

Be respectful. We have zero tolerance to trolling. Being a jerk will not get you a place in this community, it will turn people away. We don’t want noise in the system.

Be mindful. Your backers will definitely want to hear about how you are going, get invitations to your activities, and stay connected. Please be respectful of their inboxes and their time and make sure they are always wanting more!

Share the love. If you like something, share it with your friends, let the world know and receive some love in return.

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