Core Contributors: Communication

Slack: Most daily communication happens in slack.

  • DM if it’s urgent / personal

  • Use public channels by default

  • Thread replies for ease of flow


  • Remove people from ccd in threads if their attention is not needed

  • Being ccd is assumed to be an FYI only (no expectation of reply)

  • Address as to in an email: there’s an expectation of reply.

  • If email communication is being handled, put the rest of the people in the thread in bcc so they know it’s been taken care of but doesn’t keep popping up in their inboxes.

Mentions (figma, mockups, github, slack)

  • There’s an expectation of reply.


  • Monday weekly meeting: weekly planning, review of To Dos, numbers and open issues.

  • Tuesday-Thursday: daily standup. Rough account of what we are up to & blockers.

  • Friday Open Call and Demo Day: open stand-up and demo day.


  • We strive to meet once a quarter, at least once every 6 months. We’d like you to attend once a year. Donate PR will cover all the costs.

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