Twitter Integration

Connect your Twitter to automatically thank new backers who contribute to your Project! To do so, go to your Project page, click on the gear icon and head to the Connected Accounts page.

Chat Integrations

You can set up Donate PR notifications in your Slack or Gitter channel. First set up a webhook, described below, and then send it to us and we'll add the hook to our platform.

Slack Webhook

  • In Slack, select menu Apps & Integrations

  • Click Build Your Own > Make a Custom Integration > Incoming WebHooks

  • Choose a channel, or create a new channel, where the notifications will be sent

  • Click on Add Incoming WebHooks Integration

Gitter Webhook

  • Go to your room's integrations and click Donate PR

  • Copy the provided Webhook URL and click Done

For Admins

The webhook can be added in the database Notifications table:

INSERT INTO "Notifications" (
VALUES ((SELECT id from "Groups" where slug = '<group slug>'),
        '<channel: either slack or gitter',
        '<type: see note below>',
        '<webhook URL>');

type (would actually be more properly named activity) can be:

  • either 'all' (*) to send notifications for all activities (group transaction created, payment received from Stripe, etc)

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