Quick Start Guide

You've got a Project—awesome! Now what?

Once you have a Project, you can start submitting expenses, edit your page content, and create events for your community right away.

In order to receive money or pay out expenses, you need a Fiscal Host. Whether you have a Fiscal Host yet or not, here are some steps you can take to get your Project started.

1. Make your Project your own

Update your images and main color and add about info. Here's how.

2. Add Core Contributors

If you have collaborators on your project who can help you manage your page and approve expenses add them as Core Contributors by going to 'edit Project' and clicking 'Core Contributors'.

3. Add Financial Contributors to your GitHub and website

Check the many ways you can export your data on Data Export and our diversity of Buttons & Banners.

4. Start tracking expenses

Submit expenses through your Project, so others can see where money will be spent (even if you don't have any yet). This builds trust with potential Backers.

5. Spread the word

You can connect your Twitter account to your project and automatically thank your backers. Here's how.

6. Launch!

Write a blog post, tell people the vision, and explain why you are raising money.

If you need help, join our community on Slack or email support@donatepr.com.

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